360 X-Mod Performance Analysis Tools


360 Risk Partners Insurance Solutions Inc in collaboration with our sister affiliate EMODReport.com, can now give you year round access to our ModMaster® tool. Over 10,000 reports have been generated for clients wishing to drive down their Experience Modification Scores and lower Premium costs. The ModMaster® tool also pinpoints the cost drivers of your Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums and gives businesses information on where claims costs are causing the most impact. 


This premium feature also forecasts how payroll or loss trends will affect your costs in the future based on current claims records so that you can prepare for and enact programs to save yourself later. Our tool is free to use for businesses and aims to reduce premiums, recover overcharges, and dispute audits. It’s super fast to fill out and you can easily receive results.

“…would like to thank you for the great work you did in investigating the problem with our experience modification rating. Your discovery of errors as well as insurance companies’ failures to submit data to WCIRB were critical to our company’s ability to continue to do construction work on federal projects.”  

“our review of our past Workers’ Compensation policies produced a refund of just over $23,000, a refund produced by your finding overcharges in our old policies that we had never realized had occurred.” 

 “I would highly recommend an EMOD Report to anyone that is involved in a dispute with their Workers’ Compensation Insurance carrier. They saved my business.”