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Business is changing every day. However, the Workers’ Compensation insurance industry has been one of the slowest to innovate. A hundred years ago, Brokers used the same coverage and products as they do today. 360 Risk Partners is determined to change the way that people think about insurance and to educate them about alternative risk solutions.

360 Risk Partners has searched the marketplace for new and alternative ideas; a new way of underwriting and a new way of pricing Workers’ Compensation insurance. 360 Risk Partners does not just offer a new way of purchasing insurance, we offer better prices and more comprehensive coverage. We are committed to optimizing the insurance buying experience by providing unparalleled access to affordable and transparent insurance risk solutions.

360 Performance Analysis

We provide strategies to protect your company, save your management team time, and increase your bottom-line. You will have access to analytical tools and data that can evaluate your business and identify key areas that can be optimized. We’ll also suggest the best strategies you can use to give your business the performance boost it needs. On average, our strategies have saved clients 37% annually. Our analytical tools are simple to use and can easily be found on your client portal.

360 Claims Consulting & Fraud Protection

Did you know that in California the average comp claim is over-reserved by 45%? Take a moment and imagine how that impacts your insurance premiums and rates. With us you will have an aggressive claims management team in place. We take an all-hands-on-deck approach to claims management to ensure that all reports and their impact on your score are accurate. This rigorous process aims to diminish the effect of prior incidents and achieve updated records that fairly reflect your level of risk. We will get your claims closed out fast and make sure that they are reported correctly, so that you only pay for the coverage you need.

360 Proposal & Partnership

At 360 Risk Partners, our first priority is driving your company’s success. There is no benefit to overpaying for Workers’ Compensation insurance, as your coverage remains the same. We know you don’t want outdated claims systems and inflated reporting to cause your business to overpay for insurance; you deserve better than that. Contact us today to find out how you can get the success driving tools that our clients benefit from.

360 Risk Partners ModMaster® Tool


The ModMaster® tool pinpoints the cost drivers of your Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums and can also forecast how payroll or loss trends will affect your costs in the future. Our tool is free to use for businesses and helps you reduce premiums, recover overcharges, and dispute audits.

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360 Risk Partners In the News

Being a Top Ten Industry Leader (#3)

For the 3rd consecutive year, 360 Risk Partners has been named amongst the top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in the Sacramento, CA region. We maintain our top position in the region through consistently pushing our efforts to deliver the best Workers’ Compensation insurance products possible to our clients. We have also not sacrificed or reneged on our promises to put clients’ needs at the forefront of our Workers’ Compensation business programs. If you are interested in reading more about us select the image to learn more about 360 Risk Partners and how we made the list.

Proven methods

“We provide alternative and innovative risk solutions to you while maintaining an unprecedented quality of service at the most competitive pricing.”

Every year, hundreds of companies fail at managing factors that impact their insurance policy premiums.  360 Risk Partners has the resources to resolve issues like high experience modification scores, premium rates, and inaccurately reported reserves. We believe that the service we provide is as important as the program you choose. That is why 98% of our clients keep coming back, year after year, to continue to experience excellent services and risk management practices. Choose a lasting partnership with us and experience immediate results.


360 Risk Partners offers specialized Workers’ Compensation insurance programs that could potentially change everything you know about claims and policy management. We offer both long and short-term solutions that are proven to reduce your costs.

Our programs are designed to outmaneuver obsolete Workers’ Compensation strategies. We identify all inefficiencies and then move you into the most effective programs available to drive down your costs. At 360 Risk Partners, our vision and insight are so innovative that we have been awarded for our achievements in the Workers’ Compensation industry.

Get help where you need it most and finally have complete assurance that you are receiving award-winning services from one of the only consulting firms specializing in Workers’ Compensation.

“I was contacted by 360 Risk Partners and they were able to get me approved into one of their worker’ comp programs which saved me nearly 50%. Our company doors are still open because of the expertise and knowledge at 360 Risk Partners. Thank You!”

Janet S.

Director, In-Home Health Care Company

“Our companies Workers’ Compensation Insurance premiums increased as much as 10% three years in a row! Unfortunately, I had to either find a solution or cut our employee benefits all together. 360 provided an amazing solution saved us almost 40%. Not only are we saving money but our employees receive better coverage. Thanks 360!”


CEO , Production & Rental Company

“…rates were going up about 40%. There was no way that a small business like ours was going to survive with that kind of rate increase. You (Bret Fair) and your staff (360 Risk Partners) were able to secure a very innovative workers’ comp program that put us back in the black!” 


Business Owner, paulslandscapeservices.com

“Excellent service, attention to detail, and most of all, they were able to put together a very comprehensive workers comp plan that is perfect for our company. Thanks 360 risk partners!!”

Juxtaposed Interiors

‘Every Monday morning we have a management meeting.  This past Monday I printed out the loss runs along with your notes and Carlos said: “She (Dana Harrison) is the best thing that’s happened to this company.”  I just wanted to pass that along and let you how much we appreciate you.  Thank you for all that you do and especially assisting me with any questions I have.’

Ricky Calquhoun

Design & Sales, Sunshine Landscape