We are one of the few insurance consulting brokerages in the nation that fully specialize in Workers’ Compensation insurance. When you partner with 360 Risk Partners Insurance Solutions Inc, you can expect the highest level of expertise for your business insurance programs and claims management needs. Regardless of your situation, we are your top advocate for achieving proven success in Workers’ Comp.

Industry knowledge

360 Risk Partners Insurance Solutions Inc has established its business by offering creative and alternative insurance risk solutions to business owners. The California Workers’ Compensation insurance market experiences above-average loss ratios, fraudulent behavior, and overall instability.

As a result, insurance carriers are compelled to adopt stricter underwriting guidelines, raise pure premium rates, and even reject coverage for certain industries. Unfortunately, this ineffective and inefficient system ultimately burdens the business owner.

Your advocate.

The team at 360 Risk Partners works tirelessly to find alternative commercial insurance programs for businesses in California that are experiencing challenges. We take a proactive approach to managing your claims and offer you the best resources to help you stay in control.

Our goal is to support you and assist you in making informed decisions that take into account your history and risk level.

Proven track record.

360 Risk Partners has successfully assisted numerous clients in recovering millions of dollars in insurance premiums. Through our distinctive programs and strong partnerships with insurance carriers, we are able to provide outstanding cost-saving advantages. Our dedicated team at 360 Risk Partners is eager to work together with you.

By partnering with us, you will gain access to expert knowledge and support, as well as top-tier insurance programs. Rest assured and take back control by collaborating with an innovative company that boasts a proven track record in reducing premiums, expediting claim settlements, and guiding you towards the most optimal path for your Workers’ Compensation insurance programs.

By the numbers.

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General Liability helps protect businesses against third party claims related to bodily injury, property damage, or personal and advertising injury.

A Business Owner’s Policy helps provide value by combining property insurance and general liability into a single cost-effective policy.
Workers Comp helps protect business and their employees from financial loss due to workplace injuries and illnesses.
Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) can help businesses that provide professional services. This liability insurance covers claims for professional negligence in the workplace.
Cyber Liability helps protect business against financial losses and liability arising from cyber attacks, including those affecting IT infrastructure, involving privacy and governance liability, and related internet activities.


Get the right insurance for your business.

Your business can gain advantages from a combination of different types of business insurance. Here at 360 Risk Partners, we are available to help you find the best coverage solutions for your specific business needs.

You no longer need to feel helpless about your insurance premiums. This is an opportunity for you to join 360 Risk Partners and make a meaningful impact.

Strategic Savings

On average, businesses save 37% on their yearly insurance premiums by switching to 360 Risk Partners. These substantial savings result from the extensive efforts we have put into creating exclusive programs and building strategic partnerships with our carriers. We greatly appreciate the chance to give our clients daily cost reductions and firmly believe that there is no need to pay more than required for commercial insurance.

360 Risk Partners
360 Risk Partners

Liquidate Claims

We have a dedicated in-house team that focuses solely on managing claims. Their hard work aims to ensure that Workers’ Compensation insurance claims are resolved promptly.

Unlike the traditional claims management process that tends to favor the insurance company, at 360 Risk Partners, we have developed a system that prioritizes you, the business owner. Our goal is to reduce your expenses associated with filing and processing claims.

Our excellent claims management approach leads to lower experience modifications (ex-mods), ultimately resulting in cost savings for you in terms of premium costs.

Market Access & Programs

Our insurance programs, which are largely exclusive to our brokerage, differ significantly from the standard insurance programs offered in the market.

It is very likely that you have not encountered solutions like ours before. Find out what you have been missing and get access to the most competitive rates available.

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