We are one of the few insurance consulting brokerages, in the nation, fully specialized in Workers’ Compensation insurance. When partnering with 360 Risk Partners Insurance Solutions Inc, prepare to experience the highest level of expertise for your business programs and claims management needs. Whatever your situation, we are your number one advocate for proven success when it comes to Worker’ Comp.



360 Risk Partners Insurance Solutions Inc built its business from the foundation by providing innovative and alternative insurance risk solutions to business owners. The California Workers’ Compensation insurance market suffers higher than average loss ratios, fraudulent activity, and all-around instability. These factors force carriers to tighten underwriting guidelines, raise pure premium rates, and decline to offer insurance coverage to industries altogether. Ultimately, it is the business owner that suffers from a lackluster and inefficient system that continues to fail.

The members at 360 Risk Partners work around the clock to find alternative Workers’ Compensation insurance programs for the benefit of California businesses who are suffering. Get a proactive approach to settling your claims needs and the best resources to stay in control. We are your advocate and resource to finally make the most educated decisions based on your history and risk level.

360 Risk Partners has assisted our clients recapture millions of insurance premium dollars. Our exclusive programs and strategic carrier partnerships provide unparalleled cost-saving benefits. The staff at 360 Risk Partners Insurance Solutions looks forward to partnering with you. You can get the knowledge and support you need, with access to the best insurance programs around. Get confidence and regain control by partnering with a groundbreaking firm that has a proven history lowering premiums, closing claims quickly, and getting you on the right track with your Workers’ Compensation insurance programs.


average Client Savings


Annual Client Retention



At 360 Risk Partners you will find a team committed to surpassing your expectations. We know what our clients want, from new tech to industry insights. Our business is designed to help companies minimize risk, maximize growth, and protect their bottom-line. We love hearing our clients’ success stories and we want you to be one them.

Join the hundreds of others that follow our successful programs and experience the future of Worker’s Compensation coverage. Get ready to experience the new way of managing Workers’ Compensation Insurance. We don’t want you to keep struggling with your policy and carrier. We want to make it easy, so you can focus on your business. Partner with us and you will benefit from the best market access and specialized knowledge out there. Stop feeling like you don’t have a say when it comes to your insurance premiums. This is your opportunity to join 360 Risk Partners Insurance Solutions and change everything.

01. Strategic Savings

On average, 360 Risk businesses save 37% on annual insurance premiums when they switch to 360 Risk Partners. These tremendous savings are the result of years of developing exclusive programs and creating strategic partnerships with our carriers. There is no benefit to overpaying for Workers’ Compensation insurance. We pride ourselves on offering savings to our clients every day.

02. liquidate your claims

We ensure Workers’ Compensation insurance claims are closed out quickly with an experienced in-house claims management team that is dedicated to you. The traditional process for managing claims is heavily in favor of the insurance carrier. 360 Risk Partners creates a process that favors you and saves you unnecessary claims filing and administration costs. Superior claims management equates to lower ex-mods and saves you from shelling out premium dollars.

03. Market Access & Programs

Our programs, most of which are exclusive to our brokerage, are not your traditional market Workers’ Compensation insurance programs. There is a significant chance you have never been offered solutions like ours. Find out what you have been missing and finally gain access to the most competitive rates out there.


Make Your Own Opportunities

“Insurance has been done the same for decades and it’s time for change.  At 360 Risk Partners, we passionately believe you should start expecting more than someone there when things go wrong. Innovation and out of the box thinking are our keys to success.

Our entire business is designed to help companies minimize risk, protect their bottom line, and maximize their growth, regardless of where the insurance is placed.

In every area of our firm, we are committed to being a company that is a catalyst for change in an archaic industry.”

-Bret Patrick Fair